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A list of our main services

Janitorial Services

EntretienWe know that workplace cleanliness is vitally important to the success of any company. That’s why we make sure to have experienced employees who meet our expectations for excellence. Our team is trained to perform at the industry’s highest standards.

To accomplish this, we use modern and innovative equipment with regular quality control inspections to ensure the best quality of service is being provided to our customers. The products used are biodegradable or Écologo certified thereby reducing our environmental footprint.

We currently provide building and facility maintenance services for several images45KJUQCNlarge retail chains located in both Quebec and Ontario. We operate in many types of businesses, car dealers, office buildings, dental clinics, fitness centers, supermarkets, pharmacy, and more. Let our experienced and professional team show you what we can do to maintain your company’s image.

Windows Cleaning

Les Entreprises FPR offers residential, commercial and industrial window cleaning. Complete cleaning includes screens, frames and grooves. We are equipped to clean and maintain high rise windows as well as those with difficult access. Pricing is determined upon assessment including the number of windows, frequency for which cleaning is required as well as the labour involved.


NEW!!! We now clean with the HydroTube system. This system allows us to clean windows up to 50 feet off the ground with ease thanks to its lightweight composite poles. Thanks to this system, we can slash our pricing by half. HydroTube, a proven European technology, cleans windows using only purified water. It eliminates the need for any chemical cleaning agents. The purified water allows the water to bead on the glass and dry without spotting or leaving unsightly drip marks or mineral stains. It is a safe and ecological way of cleaning windows without aerial lifts or cranes.

New! Hydrotube System

No aerial lifts
No cranes

Pure Water Cleaning System

Floor Stripping and Waxing

We offer commercial and industrial floor maintenance. A team of experienced and professionally trained employees will ensure impeccable results. Rediscover brilliantly clean and shiny floors. The stripping consists of removing old layers of wax, neutralizing the surface, reapplying fresh wax and is followed by a meticulous polish. These steps must be followed with care in order to obtain the best possible results. We offer floor resurfacing services for the following types of flooring;







Carpet Cleaning

fpr11Our company offers residential, commercial and industrial carpet cleaning services. With our specialized equipment and products, your carpets will look like new and will breathe new life into any space. Even the oldest and most stubborn stains can be removed with our specialized products and equipment. Generally, commercial and industrial carpets should be cleaned annually, however high traffic areas will look their best if cleaned twice a year. With regular carpet cleaning, you are ensuring that your carpets will look great for years to come as well as improving the overall air quality throughout your facility.

Complete and Thorough Cleaning

We offer thorough cleaning of residential properties (houses, condos, apartments) as well commercial workplaces. We guarantee your property will be in impeccable condition when our work is complete. Les Entreprises FPR has equipment and personnel available to wash walls, floors and ceilings without leaving a trace. No corner will be left untouched once we leave. Here are some of the chores we can do for you:

  • Dust and wash walls and ceilings
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning including screens and frames
  • Disinfection of all surfaces
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Door cleaning
  • Molding and baseboard cleaning
  • Cupboard and closet cleaning
  • Etc.
High Pressure Washing

We offer hot water pressure washing. Our team is very conscious and uses the best equipment available on the market in order to provide a quality cleaning. We have the necessary equipment to safely pressure wash tall buildings. Here is a partial list of some of the things we can clean;

  • Buildings (houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, gutters, eaves, roofs & awnings)
  • Exterior walls (brick, stone, vinyl, canexel & aluminum)
  • Balconies, galleries, and terraces
  • Vehicle fleets (cars, trucks, buses & boats)
  • Signs
  • Asphalt, paving stones or concrete driveways
  • Vehicle garage, workshop, storage units
  • Parking garage
  • Infrastructure (overpasses, bridges & roadways)
  • Graffiti removal from various surfaces (brick, aluminum, metal & vinyl)
  • Steam defrosting
  • Sticky or grimy surfaces


By using steam cleaning to remove dirt from surfaces (ceramic, wood, paving stones, concrete, brick, aluminum, steel, etc.) you opt for an efficient and effective method without the use of chemical products which is also beneficial for the environment. When cleaning solutions are required, we use ecological & biodegradable products and alkaline or acidic soaps as required by the surfaces being cleaned. Our clients are pleased and proud of the work we have done for them.

Graffiti Removal

345Have you been the unlucky recipient of unwanted wall art? No problem, we have the methods and tools required to clean graffiti art from your building (concrete, aluminum, brick & wood). We use a combination of hot water and ecological soap in our pressure washers which removes all traces of spray paint.

Solar Panel Cleaning

787To maximize energy production, solar panel cleaning is absolutely necessary. Dusty or soiled panels will not perform to their optimal potential. It is therefore recommended that they be cleaned once a year.

We clean solar modules with the HydroTube system, a proven European technology, which uses only purified water. It eliminates the need for any chemical cleaning agents. The purified water allows the water to bead on the glass and dry without spotting. Because no cleaning agents are used while washing the solar panels, their performance will not be compromised by residue.

This system allows us to clean up to 50 feet in the air with ease thanks to its lightweight composite poles. It is a safe and ecological way of cleaning windows without aerial lifts or cranes.

Duct Cleaning


The air quality you breathe is vital to your health. That is why it is imperative to regularly clean and maintain ventilation ducts. We can help eliminate the source of allergens that are trapped in these systems and filters. Whether it is heating ducts, air exchangers or dryer hoses, call us for a free estimate.

Insects Extermination



Do you have uninvited 6- or 8-legged guests you wish to get rid of? Call us for a free assessment and estimate, we can make them disappear. Our extermination services are available for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We remove ants, spiders, bees, wasps, and earwigs. Many people feel they can solve the problem on their own, however we have the experience, effective products and a team of certified experts in pest control to help get the problem under control quickly. Our technicians are all certified and licensed to practice. Since our extermination division was created 5 years ago, we can serve our clients’ needs that much better.